Flexible copper laminated shunts / connectors are commonly used in battery management systems, solar panels, and other electrical applications. They are made of high conductivity copper material to ensure low resistance and good conductivity.


Kinto is one of the top suppliers in China for production of flexible copper laminated shunts / connectors. We produce all types of laminated connectors according to customer drawings and specifications. The parts are manufactured in high quality with approved materials and suitable processes: press-/diffusion welding; brazing or riveting.
Technical Date:

* Copper content ≥99.9%.

* Copper foils thickness: 0.05mm - 0.3mm.

* Surface treatment: uncoated, tin-coating, silver-coating

* Welding technologies:

Welding Technology


Press-/diffusion welding


For welding area A<90mm and B<60mm:

Direct welding.

For welding area with A≥90mm or B≥60mm:


A top copper plate with thickness 1mm will be used for the welding area in order to assure the flatness of the contact area.


Brazing is used for welding area width≥140mm and length≥130mm.